Benefits of Responsible Paper Shredding 

To any business or establishment, the paper is really important, especially when in need of document. Every year, almost 4 million tons of copy paper is being used. This makes companies and people become a fallen victim of identity theft and scams because of loss of information from the stolen document. To eliminate this situation, paper shredding Framingham MA is the best solution in order to protect their customers, their identity, and so as the companies’ information.  Paper Shredding 

Why Shred? 

Companies must shred no longer useful documents for it is sensitive and can result to breach of information. This is to prevent money loss from corporate fraud, identity theft, and espionage. It is also a good action of protecting confidential information.  

What to shred? 

You can actually shred documents that are no longer useful for the company just like the following: 

  • Personal Files 
  • Payroll Records 
  • Client/ Customer Account Records  
  • Bank Documents 
  • Canceled Checks 
  • Business Records 
  • Financial Statements 
  • Credit Card Receipts/Account Numbers 
  • Tax Records 
  • Legal Documents and more 


What are the benefits of responsible paper shredding? 

1. Ease of Use 

Hiring a professional help paper shredding service will show you how easy it is to destroy unwanted and no longer useful documents.  

2. Saves Money 

Acquiring your own paper shredding needs maintenance. However, if you let professionals do the job, you will no longer buy disposal bags, perform maintenance, replace parts, and settle utility expenses.  

3. Documents are Irrecoverable 

Hiring a trusted paper shredding service, you can be certain that every document is shredded into irrecoverable pieces. Paper pieces are mixed together will different documents from other business to make it impossible to recover any information. 

4. Compliance 

If unwanted and outdated document are properly shredded, this will keep the company complies with federal and state data privacy law. A person found to be negligent when handling unwanted documents can be fined. 

5. Cost-Effective 

Outsourcing document shredding is actually more cost-effective than shredding in-house. Office shredders are found to be durable and spend too much time shredding more papers. 

6. Save the company’s reputation 

Data breaches can be prevented with adequate document shredding by making sure that information can’t be recovered and confidential documents can’t be traced anymore. 

7. Environmentally Friendly 

Hiring paper shredding services will ensure that less paper takes up space in the offices and turn it into something recyclable without compromising confidentiality. 

8. Peace of Mind 

Paper shredding provides the company a great way of peace of mind knowing that their information is properly destroyed and will never be compromised. 

Paper shredding entails a lot of benefits. You can now have peace of mind about your company to be involved in data breaches and data privacy issues for you the company comply with it. On the other hand, hiring a professional do their job serves more productivity for your employees for they will no longer feed paper to the office’s machine and do their assigned tasks instead. Aside from that, cleanliness in the workplace is now achievable for you can now avoid having an unwanted and no longer useful document to be filed in tables and drawers.